About Our Logo

Why is a logo important? The power of a strong logo is that a simple visual can instantly communicate who we are and what we are about. At Generational Hope our logo was designed with intentionality and is a symbol of our culture. We'd love to share a description of that with you.


Hope Blue

Our abounding hope.

Fresh Green

New life.

Growth Green

Mature growth, healthy foundation.


  • Smaller to larger triangles represent generations connecting one to another with common vision and purpose, yet unique and valuable perspectives.

  • Connection. Our vision statement is, "Connecting generations to the hope of Jesus." We are priests. We are the ones who stand in the gap and make sure everyone gets across safely. We are the ones who are the connection point between the Holy Spirit and those who have to make a decision to follow Christ.

  • Community: many parts within a whole, sense of unity moving together in one direction, "common unity", we are all carriers of God's presence and we are stronger together in all areas when we conduct ministry out of relationship.

  • Triangle speaks to our foundation of knowing who God is: He is our Father in whom we find ourselves, he is our freedom through Jesus the Son, and he is our friend and counselor through the Holy Spirit.

  • Directionally pointing upward to communicate hope and pointing us to the One in whom we find our hope.

  • Arrow: Children, young families, individuals being sent out from here to our community, nation, and the world.