Dinner Club

Dinner Club FAQ's

What is a Dinner/Brunch Club?

A Dinner/Brunch Club is a group of 7 to 10 people who will gather for food and conversation at least four times before the end of the year. Households take turns hosting the group.

Where do they meet?

Groups meet in homes or in restaurants. You can indicate on your registration form what type of group you prefer home, restaurant or no preference. We will match you up in a group with others who share your preference. If you indicate “no preference” on your registration form, you may end up in a home group, or a restaurant group, or a group with others who indicated no preference. We will let you know what type of group you're in when we send you your group assignment.

What is the process for setting up a meeting?

Each meeting has a “host.” For the first meeting, the host will be assigned based on information provided at registration. The host will coordinate a time and place. If meeting at home, the group will decide who will provide what. Typically, a home host provides a main dish and others provide salad, dessert, etc. If the group is meeting in a restaurant, the host makes reservations.

After the first meeting, who is the “host?”

The group will decide. Generally, each household takes a turn hosting. It is a good idea to decide on the next host and plan the next meeting before you leave each meal.

I want to be in a home group, but my home is too small for me to host, what do I do?

That’s okay. There are still ways to participate. Here are some suggestions to consider:

• host a summertime picnic in a park • team up with someone else in your group. e.g. you provide the main dish, they provide the house • ask for help. For example, if you don't have enough chairs, ask people to bring folding chairs. • talk to your group - maybe somebody else would like to host twice • host at church, or in your condo's common room, or some other location • relax and host at home even if your place is small

I’m the first host. What do I do?

If tagged as your group's first host, your responsibilities will be: • organize and host your group's first gathering, with a goal of meeting in October or November • ask if there are allergies or special dietary needs in your group • tell the Supper Club team if any problems occur

I don’t want to be the first host, will you still make me do it?

No, the only people assigned to be the first host are people who volunteered on their registration.

I’m willing to be the first host, does that mean I have to organize all the meals?

No, only the first one. During your first meal, the group should decide on the next host.

When will we find out our groups?

Your group assignment will be emailed to you during the first week of March.

I want to be in a group with a specific person, can you accommodate my request?

Maybe, maybe not. When we form groups, our top priority is to meet everyone’s preferences on home/restaurant, dinner/brunch, children/adults, etc. This can get complicated. Our second priority is to mix things up and help people get to know new people.